Second Life Podcast: Brit Marling

In the world of entertainment, Brit Marling is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. A director, showrunner, writer, and actor, Marling has versatile talents that have left an indelible mark on the industry. It all began in 2011 when she made her foray into the industry with films Another Earth and Sound of My Voice, which premiered side by side at the Sundance Film Festival, catching the attention of both critics and audiences. The films not only garnered nominations for Independent Spirit Awards but also secured distribution deals with Fox Searchlight.

Marling’s career continued to skyrocket as she went on to create and star in hits like The East and The OA. Her unique storytelling abilities and captivating on-screen presence set her apart in a competitive industry. However, Marling has proven herself to be a constant innovator, always pushing the boundaries of her career. In November, she made her television directorial debut on the FX murder mystery show A Murder at the End of the World. The show has been praised for its gripping narrative and thoughtful storytelling—two things that have defined Marling’s career.

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