This Is the Most Expensive-Looking Winter Color Trend

As someone who works in fashion, I love trends—especially color trends. They’re just so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and they can be in the form of something as minor as a pair of socks or as major as a coat. You can wear color trends head-to-toe or just a splash. The possibilities are endless. 

As I’m sure you’re aware, 2023 has been all about red. That’s still very much the case, but now there’s another color trend threatening to steal some of its thunder, and it even looks more expensive than red. That color is chocolate brown. The hue that in the past might’ve been considered “ugly” or “boring” is now one of the most sought-after colors of the season. As evidence, I’ve noticed lately that 90% of the time when an item comes in multiple colors, and chocolate brown is one of them, it’s sold out. Celebrities and fashion people have been wearing it as much as they wear camel and black all of a sudden.

All signs are pointing to chocolate brown being the most lavish-looking color trend of the season. And I have no problem investing in it, as it’s timeless and versatile to boot. Scroll on to see how celebs and influencers are styling it and shop some of the chicest chocolate brown pieces on the market.

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