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This set is the ultimate two-in-one. “Extract” mode is for unclogging pores and removing blackheads. According to Dermaflash founder Dara Levy, “When we launched Dermapore+, we increased the ultrasonic speed to 35K Hz, which is the highest speed on the market. This allows the device to glide over your skin smoothly and loosen up dirt, oil, and blackheads for easy removal. The stainless-steel spatula is positively charged, and the gunk in your pores is negatively charged, so when you glide the spatula over your skin, it attracts dirt, oil, and debris and draws it out like a magnet. Think opposites attract.”

“Infuse” mode can be used to get the absolute best results from your serums, moisturizers, and masks. “The ultrasonic vibrations and ionic technology help push the product deeper into the skin and enhance penetration. I love using ‘infuse’ mode with our Active Cocooning Serum and a sheet mask—you get an amazing glow,” Levy says. And I can’t forget about the pore mist, which is mandatory before using the device. It’s the perfect decongesting and soothing mist to prep your skin ahead of an extraction.


Application tips from Levy:

“Make sure your face is thoroughly wet with Prep Mist before you use your Dermapore+. This is the key to getting the best results from your device!”

“When you glide the Dermapore+ spatula over wet skin, the ultrasonic vibrations create a ‘water force’ that gently pushes out all the dirt, oil, and debris that’s trapped in your pores. This is what allows you to extract gunk without any picking, poking, or skin damage.”

“The angle and pressure you use are important, too. Start by using one hand to gently hold your skin taut, and then glide the spatula over your skin with the tip angled down at 45°. Use gentle but firm pressure. This is the moment when you’ll see all the gunk from your pores build up on the spatula. It’s gross but so satisfying!”

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