High-Waisted Jeans Are Set for a Comeback—28 Styles to Try

Low-rise jeans are probably the longest-running “controversial” fashion trend that I’ve seen in my career. Despite many people still bashing this trend, it continues to live on. I, for one, am quite obsessed with it. But if you’re one of the people who have never been swayed by the allure of low-rise jeans, you can take a deep exhale because a shift in denim aesthetics is on the horizon. 

Luxury fashion designers are bidding farewell to the era of hip-hugging styles and welcoming in the rise—quite literally—of high-rise jeans. The fashion forecast indicates that this trend is not merely making a comeback; it’s poised to be the focal point of contemporary denim. I picked up on this during Paris Fashion Week, with designers like Loewe, Alaïa, and more heavy hitters making their points with all things high-rise. If you’ve been yearning for a style that aligns with both comfort and modern flair, consider this your moment. The return of high-rise jeans is the perfect nod to 2010s nostalgia, so let’s elevate our style, starting with an all-time-favorite waistline.

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