Reviewed: Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color

What was the inspiration behind Magnetic Eye Color?

Taylor Frankel: We felt that traditional powder eye shadows and palettes were intimidating for those who aren’t makeup artists, challenging to travel with, and messy. Our goal was to create high-performance eye shadow sticks that were multitasking, on-the-go, and most importantly, easy to use.

What makes the formula unique?

TF: The formula is cream-based and easy to blend, highly pigmented, and multitasking. It’s a three-in-one eye shadow, eye liner, and eye primer. 

Should you prime your lids before using this product?

Kevin Kodra: There is no need to prime your lids beforehand as these cream formulas are all-day wear and waterproof.

What are your best application tips?

KK: I like to apply them directly to the eyelids and blend with a cream-shadow brush. You want to blend quickly as they set within 30–60 seconds! For maximum pigment, I love to apply a sheer layer and continue to build from there… These pencils are so easy to use, so my go-to tip is that you don’t need a ton of tools or precision. The application tips are simple: draw and blend. 


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