Here’s How to Stop a Sweater from Shedding

Take a quick scroll through your Instagram feed (or perhaps look at your own current daily wardrobe rotation) and you’ll probably notice a pattern. It’s quite obviously sweater season, and it’s arguably the best season for getting dressed. Sweaters are simultaneously chic and comfortable, and the perfect wool or cashmere sweater feels so luxe. But there’s one little caveat: Do you ever feel like your sweater just won’t stop shedding?

Honestly, the quickest way to ruin your outfit (and maybe even your mood) is to pair say a mauve sweater with black leggings, and the next thing you know, evidence of your top is all over your bottoms. While,  stopping shedding completely isn’t likely possible when it comes to natural fibers such as wool and cashmere (sorry, but we’re being real here), we’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeve for minimizing shedding or even speeding up the shedding process to get past that annoying phase.

We know you’ve got tons of sweater looks planned for the season, so read ahead for tips on how to combat their pesky ways.

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