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Around the world, saffron is known for being a precious spice, particularly in countries like Iran and India where saffron is a vital part of the culture. It’s even called “red gold” since its one of the most expensive spices out there. That’s because it’s so difficult to harvest—it takes 75,000 saffron flowers to make one pound of saffron spice because only a very small part of a flower can be used. It’s also only able to be harvested by hand, so it makes sense that the spice would be pricey. 

When its used in cooking, saffron gives food a distinctly golden hue and a mild, faintly sweet earthiness. In perfume, the spice is a total game-changer. It has a subtle, distinctive smell that’s able to transform any scent into something luxe and special. Saffron smells sweet, bright, and tangy.

It’s no wonder that saffron has begun to inch its way into some of the most high-end fragrances on the market (luxury brands like Tom Ford, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, and Byredo have found a way to weave the opulent spice into their scent blends). Any scent with saffron in it has an added layer of complexity that renders it practically irresistible. Keep reading for our favorite perfumes that are laced with the spice. 

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