How To Shop Dermstore’s 2023 Anniversary Sale Like An Editor

The other day I saw this great meme which really spoke to me: “Financially, whatever happened in July can’t happen again.” Of course, having looked at my bank account 24 hours prior, I laughed (and, okay, maybe cried), but the sentiment couldn’t have rung truer. Every summer, like clockwork, the “fun” of the season totally annihilates any responsible planning and saving I promised myself would occur. (Hey, maybe next summer?) Anyway, if you’re like me and maybe went a little nutty with the spending the past few months, but can’t say no to re-upping your beauty stash, I have very good news. Dermstore’s highly anticipated Anniversary Sale is officially on, and just like that we can save up to 25% off on tons of the most-wanted beauty brands the retailer has to offer. 

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