How to Ace Early 2000s Makeup, According to a Beauty Director I Trust

Nothing hurts my ego more than when I ask my team if they’ve heard a song from the late ’90s or early 2000s and get nothing but furrowed brows and glassy eyes staring back at me in silence. It’s brutal, and it’s happened more than once. I know I’m not old in the grand scheme of things, but it’s hard not to feel like an elderly person when I’m among my Gen Z team. The thing is I love getting older, and I can’t fathom what it would have been like to grow up without my favorite pop stars. At least my fellow millennial/beauty director extraordinaire Erin Jahns can relate.

Unless you lived through the girl- and boy-band boom, you can’t fully understand the chokehold these stars still have on us. But beauty brand SHEGLAM clearly does understand, and its new Vinyl Pop Color Palette ($7.49) is proof that we can still live out our Y2K pop-star dreams. “My goal with this makeup was to look like a backup dancer for Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera,” Erin tells me. Here, she breaks down what she used and how to create the ultimate early 2000s vibe.

“I wanted my skin to look baby soft, almost as if I wasn’t wearing a base, but I used the palette to give my eyes, lips, and the high points of my face a subtle shimmer. I used the clear gloss and the neutral-toned shimmer in the center of the palette to create a pretty gleam on my lids and the inner corners of my eyes, and I even tapped a little bit of the shimmer on my lips, which created that frosted lip look that feels so reminiscent of the early 2000s. Since Y2K was the era of super-skinny brows, I opted to leave mine completely alone and rounded everything off with a few coats of the All-In-One Volume & Length Mascara ($5.99) for some extra definition and flutter. I also used the creamy brown pigment for a low-effort cat eye.” — Erin Jahns, beauty director

“I love the array of shades and finishes in the palette. I depend on mixing mattes and shimmers to create a truly dimensional eye that will pop in real life and photos. And this one goes the extra mile with creamy options (in both clear and brown!) to give you even more freedom to play.

“I used the Vinyl Pop Color Palette in Rose Sonata ($7.49) and started with the neutral shade (toward the bottom right) in my creases, then added the maroon-like hue below it in my outer corners and along my lower lash line. To finish, I used the shimmer in the center of the palette on the inner corners of my eyes and brought it all the way into the middle. I also used a tiny bit along my lower lashes and tapped it on my lips. I used the creamy brown as I would a gel liner to create an easy cat eye, and then I circled my finger around the clear pigment, which is shaped a record in the palette, for a soft, glossy effect over my shimmery lids.” — Jahns

“Everyone who knows me knows how much of a mascara snob I am. I love a product with versatility, and the fact that this mascara has two brushes is a big win for me. I wanted more separation and length than volume for this particular look, so I opted to use the curved silicone brush, which gave me tons of control and light definition. I’ll use the fluffier brush when I want tons of dramatic volume. I also appreciated that I got zero flakes or clumps and that this mascara comes in both washable and waterproof formulas.” — Jahns

“I’m very into this look because I’m obviously obsessed with shimmer! I’m so happy it’s having a moment again. I’ve been doing it forever, even when it wasn’t as much of a trend, and I swear it’s the key to brightening up your face and giving your look an eye-catching hint of sparkle with minimal effort. And it doesn’t have to look tacky! I think for a long time, people thought of glitter as juvenile, but when done right, it actually has the opposite effect. I never get more compliments than when I have a little bit of sparkle on my eyes or lips. Try it in a neutral shade like I did if you want something that won’t look too loud.” — Jahns

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