The 14 Best Ballet Flats That Will Never Go Out of Style

Founded in 2015, the Demi Flats shot online shoe brand Margaux up to fame. It’s an archetypal ballet-flats style, and two of our editors were quick to share their rave reviews on the shoes. “I’ve been a strict heel person for years, even wearing kitten-heel styles during the pandemic, so when the ballet-flats trend surfaced (thanks, Miu Miu), I admittedly wasn’t all that interested for myself,” said editor Eliza Huber of the style. These, however, quickly changed her mind. “It wasn’t until I needed a pair of shoes that worked with some slightly-too-short (and therefore calling for a pair of flats) trousers that my mind began to shift about them. Specifically, I brought out a pair of brown suede Margaux flats that I’d gotten about a year before that and never really given a chance to. I wore them that one time and genuinely have barely taken them off since. They’re definitely my most-worn shoes of the summer, with something like 500,000 steps of use, and by far the most comfortable dressed-up footwear option in my collection,” she explained. 

Senior market editor Judith Jones also became a big fan of the shoes after she bought them at a suggestion from Harling Ross. “I’m still shocked at just how beautiful the quality is. Not to mention, they’re super comfortable and ultra-versatile. I own a tan pair but can’t wait to get more in different colors,” she said. 

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