These 28 Cool Oversize Bags Can Fit Everything

New Yorkers are experts at fitting their entire lives into their bags. When you’re commuting to the office at 9 a.m., with a spin class booked for 6 p.m., and drinks with friends after, schlepping becomes a lifestyle. And it seems to be a transferable skill, too. I moved to the West Coast three years ago, and I’m still packing a day’s worth of outfits and an abridged skincare routine in my purse. I know the fashion world is still riding high on the mini bag trend, but it’s time to get practical—as far as weekdays are concerned, the bigger the bag, the better. 

You quickly realize a few things once packing everything becomes your daily ritual. For example, the cutest bags are ill-equipped for the task of schlepping, and sourcing bags that are both stylish and functional is an art. As someone with years of experience, I assembled the coolest bags suitable for the task. Whether the object is to be hands-free or find a bag that works for the office and everything in between, you’ll find it all ahead.

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