7 Summer Clothing Brands Everyone Is Wearing on Instagram

Not so long ago, it may have been inconceivable to imagine how much social media would influence the world, yet we’ve now reached a point where it’s just as unimaginable to think of life without it. Love it or hate it, social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest have changed how we view every aspect of our lives—especially our personal style. There’s no more straightforward example of this than the various fashion aesthics, popular brands, and micro-trends that have become viral sensations overnight. 

Admittedly during the summer, there seems to be no shortage of buzzy things to adopt—from swimwear trends to travel trends, the list goes on. But none are more important (in my mind) than the clothing brands everyone is wearing. The benefit of keeping up with buzzy fashion brands is that it is a great way to tap into the cultural moment in a way that’s tailored to your sartorial preferences. You don’t have to buy into every single trend on the internet, but rather just the brands you’re most excited about. 

Which leads one to wonder, what fashion brands are trending right now? In search of that answer, I combed through social media and our editorial slack channels to identify the seven most popular summer clothing brands. You’ve likely already seen these brands without realizing it, but I’m breaking down why they are the best for the summer. Trust me when I say there’s something ahead for everyone…

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