The 10 Best Goyard Bags and What to Know Before Buying

Goyard bags are prized in part for their exclusivity. And because they can only be purchased at certain places, they tend to be priced even higher when sold secondhand. So as far as an investment bag goes, it’s a pretty safe bet as long as you take care of it. 

That said, determining the value of a bag is different for merchants and buyers. While the quality construction and materials used in Goyard bags are superb, it’s also important to consider other factors: How often will you wear the bag? Will the color work with the rest of your wardrobe? Does this particular style feel timeless to you? 

Also, higher-end bags that tend to be custom creations can also be of different value to the buyer and seller, particularly on the secondhand market. Does the bag have personal details that are meaningful, such as a monogram, or other embellishments? Rare bags that are unique but not overly personalized tend to carry the highest value in the resale market but may be priceless to their owners. 

So while we say yes, it is worthwhile to buy a Goyard bag, ultimately, the decision is a personal one that must factor in material, design, price, color, and utility. Hopefully, any bag purchased will be enjoyed and admired no matter the final cost. 

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