The 5 Best Jeans to Wear With Cowboy Boots for Women

Western style has recently cemented itself as more of an aesthetic than a trend. The new wave we’re seeing among the fashion crowd is an elevated take on Western-inspired pieces. People are loving the forever-favorite Dallas Boot by Khaite, denim shirting, and statement belt buckles. These accessories can give any look a Southern “twang” without feeling like too much of a statement. With this new era of the Western aesthetic on the rise, I’m telling you not to get rid of your cowboy boots. Trust me—you’ll want to be wearing them in 2023.

I just spent the weekend in Houston, Texas, and the city has already had an effect on my personal style. I mean, I’m wearing my favorite cowboy boots as we speak, so I think that’s saying something. While it’s a very modern city, it still holds on to its Southern roots, and I saw cowboy boots just about everywhere. With how comfortable they are, it makes total sense. I’m filling up my denim drawers for the year and figuring out which styles I’ll be wearing the most. I had to take note of the five types of denim that everyone wore with cowboy boots in Texas to aid in my decision-making process, so explore my observations below.

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