Simply Put, Nordstrom Has The Best Summer Sandals Right Now

Sandals are a dime a dozen these days, but when you’re wholly specific and hate 75% of them, shopping for them becomes way more of a game of unpredictability. It’s hard to pinpoint what my tastes are precisely because I tend to like everything, but I can definitively say what I don’t like: extremely trendy silhouettes, basic shapes that don’t have a point of view, or sandals that veer too sporty. Yes, admittedly I’m a picky sandals person, but when I’m in the mood to add a pair to my summer lineup, Nordstrom is usually first on my list. Other than the fact that they carry my size (turns out a lot of places don’t bother to cater to the size 11 and above set), I’m never short on options to browse through (for example, type in the word “sandals” and you’ll get roughly 7000+ results). 

Despite how much I tend to like very few sandals out there, I always manage to walk away with a big haul from Nordstrom. Last week I ordered 3 pairs (R.I.P. to my bank account), but there were plenty more I would’ve added to cart if I didn’t bother to act with restraint. They range from flat commuter-friendly sandals to slightly fancier versions that would perfectly complement a pretty sundress. Since I can’t buy them all, at least someone else can. Keep scrolling below to browse through all of the glorious sandals I found (and am anxiously waiting to buy). 

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