I Tried 28 Items At Nordstrom, and These Finds Shocked Me

Despite working at Nordstrom throughout college and now, constantly checking the site’s new arrivals online, I don’t visit the store as much as I used to. I’m a full-fledged online shopper. I love to scroll through TikTok for product recommendations and surf through online reviews like it’s my job. As editors, we’re able to call in pieces to test drive (as seen in our Great Try On series) but I decided it was overdue for some good ol’ in-person shopping.  And after a few hours of trying things on and a brief trip to Nordstrom’s café, I found plenty of chic pieces that I wanted for my summer 2023 wardrobe. 

Surprisingly, there were even items that I probably wouldn’t give a second look at online but wanted to purchase immediately after trying them on. And while most of them fall into the “basics” category, every single item I’ve relayed below is a stellar pick. It’s overwhelming to navigate the massive offering Nordstrom has, so I hope my try-on can give you insight into what are the worthy contenders to buy right now. 

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