How to Pack Every Hair Tool to Travel Abroad

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself packing for a quick trip to Europe. I was feeling pretty good about myself for being able to fit all of my beauty products into a carry-on bag. I was just about to throw my Dyson Airwrap into my luggage when it dawned on me—Katie, you can’t bring that thing to Europe

Anyone who has ever been abroad and tried to plug in anything has undoubtedly learned that the plugs overseas are entirely different than what we have in America.  America operates on 120 volts, while other countries operate on anywhere from 110-127V to 220-240V. For things like your computer or iPhone charger, you can get away with any old converter, but once you start wading into higher powered appliances like hair tools, things can get dicey. While I ended up forgoing a hair tool for this trip, I reached out to stylists so that I can be prepared for my next one. Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about bringing a hair tool abroad. 

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