The 8 On-Sale Nordstrom Beauty Items I’m Buying Now

Nordstrom’s beauty section is elite, and I say that as a beauty editor who’s semi-obsessed with online shopping. So yeah, I frequent Nordstrom’s website (at least once a week). And even though I love a good online shopping spree, I also try to protect my paycheck and not spend it all in one go on high-priced products. That’s why I always check out the sale section. If I’m lucky, I’ll find an old favorite or discover a new go-to at a discount. 

That’s exactly what happened today when I was innocently perusing Nordstrom’s beauty section. I found eight on-sale products that I instantly added to my cart. And because I couldn’t help myself, I also added 10 regularly priced products (but it’s okay because they’re all $40 or less). Keep scrolling to see every product I’m in the process of ordering as we speak. 

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